The Associates are independent professionals interested in being contracted by OmniTop, screened and welcomed by OmniTop as individual members of its global team. Becoming an associate is intimately related to accepting OmniTop’s standard measurements of performance and the Non-Compete/Non-Disclose agreement. A person can become an Associate by invitation or by request.


The partners are legal entities, members of strategic alliances initiated and/or approved by OmniTop, based on reviews of quality services and products, and mutual acceptance. OmniTop doesn’t have to be shown as a partner of a company listed by OmniTop as a Partner. When a partner achieves business courtesy of OmniTop, reciprocal referral is brought up.

Preferred Vendors

In time, OmniTop has done business with companies that it would like to recommend, for different types of services and products. Similar relationship rules apply, as in the case of partnership. OmniTop may also list asĀ  Preferred Vendors companies with which it hasn’t done direct business in the past but it still deems worth highlighting – by invitation or by request.


OmniTop Shareholders own shares in OmniTop and periodically designate OmniTop’s Executives.


OmniTop’s Executives are mainly in charge with day-by-day operations, Marketing and Sales, and, more generally, with Business Development.