Preferred Vendors

How, and What are the advantages?

Being an ON Preferred Vendor is also an open proposition for entities registered as businesses, whether for, or not for profit.
The rules of building relationships with Preferred Vendors are very similar to the rules used to build relationships with Partners. In fact, in many instances ON Partners are also ON Preferred Vendors and the other way around, and therefore there are single records for entities registered as businesses even if they show in multiple locations in the network.
An organization may apply at will to be listed as an ON Preferred Vendor or may be invited to apply.

Before sending us an application to become an ON Preferred Vendor, please consider to:

  • Create an outline of your offer. Describe as well as possible your product(s) and/or service(s) and the(ir) cost(s). Add your webpage’s URL;
  • Define your company in up to 25 words. Use actual words, not just an URL;
  • Take a look at the ON Map. Many opportunities are away from your physical location. Do you see needs for your offer somewhere else in the world?
  • Take a look at the other types of organizations that are ON Preferred Vendors. Do you need something from another Preferred Vendor? Being an ON Preferred Vendor is not necessarily a guarantee of sales, but credibility accumulates and customers prefer to buy trustable products and services. Look at the Credibility of our preferred vendors, at the Testimonials they were offered by verifiable customers.
  • Contact us with questions or directly fill the Registration Form. The second stage of becoming an ON Preferred Vendor consists of receiving a Non-Compete-Non Disclosure letter to sign.  When the process is complete and approved, you will be able to access ON Live, the on-line collaborative environment.

Successful registration as an ON Preferred Vendor enables consideration of your company for opportunities, and also places you in a pool of resources provided by other Partners and Preferred Vendors. Read all the public information that is available about the structure of ON, to fully understand its means and principles. You can often find free support in this pool, as communication and exchange are encouraged and rewarded, and you can propose your own contracting or sales opportunities to the network, through ON or through another ON Partner.

Registration as a Preferred Vendor is free, does not constitute a contract and does not require your company to list ON as a preferred vendor.
The decision regarding the registration of a Preferred Vendor is taken by the Executives of ON.