Design for Change – Intelligence – Social Knowledge – Network – Mission

How do we translate all of the above?

Design for change

  • We guarantee prices for projects. We divide larger projects into phases and/or monthly stages.
  • We consider documenting the projects to be paramount, and therefore: we work only based on documents approved by the customer (if needed, we provide consulting for creating them) and we deliver complete accompanying documents or multimedia explanations/training for everything we do, as appropriate, thus keeping no client “prisoner to our knowledge”.
  • We prefer to work on “complete” projects, whether they are Auditing, Consulting or Project Management – we keep no client “prisoner to our work”.
  • Our business model is never limited to staffing. We aim at understanding the big picture in connection with what we do, and bear full responsibility for what we deliver.


  • We only charge for our consulting time and, when required, for renting on behalf of, or for the client. The software tools, operating systems, development and testing hardware, staging environment, hosting, project-related communication channel fees, anything auxiliary, etc. – all these are billed at the rate of the third parties.
  • We always provide initial free estimates on the timing and cost of the projects.
  • We work internally to determine competitive values for our consulting time.

Social knowledge

  • We never charge for publicly available content.
  • We don’t train/inform if an evaluation or feedback of the trainees/informed is not required or expected (As a result, we don’t provide/submit bids for projects without a direct contact with the project sponsors)
  • We rely on a vast amount of knowledge through association and alliances.


  • We work 24x7x365 and without a physical Corporate location.
  • Services requiring physical locations that are needed by OmniTop or for customers outside OmniTop’s core business, are entirely outsourced.
  • OmniTop is a 100% projectized company: it has no permanent employees: just associates, partners and preferred vendors. OmniTop gives priority to its affiliates to become contractors for its customers.
  • OmniTop has clear means to monitor and control its executions meant to satisfy all the constraints of each and every project.

Corporate culture