“It Makes Sense If It Leads To Happiness” – is the belief of OmniTop’s persona.

What does this mean?

  • Profit is not the ultimate measure of what we do. Fulfillment and realization of individual and group potential, are, indeed.
  • Time is not an “enemy”. Unless having to fulfill time constraints as part of a project baseline (this, we manage and satisfy), there is no “general ticking”. We are around for a long commitment.
  • OmniTop equally welcomes lucrative and non-profit businesses.
  • Business and Profit are not two equivalent terms. Volunteering, Compassionate Support, Disinterested Helping are also Business.
  • …and should be treated as business – with the respect and professionalism required by any activity for a client.
  • The ultimate measure of things can be found in moving ahead in a better condition, what we have inherited and borrowed at the same time: the world inherited from our ancestors and borrowed from our children. What we do needs to improve, save, clean, cure, add value, lead to happiness.
    Our Persona