“DIFFERENT may be BETTER” is the trademark line of OmniTop’s persona, The Skeptical Consultant.

What does this line say in just 4 words?


  • We may be skeptical but we have the leadership to dare to think about something different.
  • Live your life in an as awake and knowledgeable status as possible.
  • Personal life, profession and business should not be different things when it comes to principles.
  • Don’t ask others to just believe you, without being able to demonstrate.
  • Don’t believe, if at least access to a demonstration is not possible.
  • Avoid routine, prejudgments: it may be beneficial to you. (Many times it is).
  • Look at things from different angles.
  • Being DIFFERENT is not the objective. BETTER is the objective.
  • Not everything that is different is necessarily better.


How does this translate in business terms?

  • We can only do something for clients honestly interested in a change. We will listen to you. Please listen to us too, if our opinion is different than yours regarding the ways your goals can be obtained.
  • We will never ask you to believe in what we say, unless we can demonstrate it to you.
  • Don’t ask us to believe, unless you can offer a demonstration (we may request it or not). Obviously, it’s nothing personal, just good business practice.
  • Expect something new while working with us. However, we are not going to propose something new without the proper motivation.
  • Help us fully understand your needs. Ideally, we love to propose solutions based on audits and previous measurements. If that is not possible upfront, allow us to determine and put into measurable terms the present status of what needs to be improved. We will take full responsibility of the process of your improvement!
  • At the end of the day, Change is not the target of our proposition. Simpler, better, more efficient are the legitimate targets…
  • … and if something is already done as well as possible, we may at the most improve the way it’s measured, but leave it unchanged.
    Our Credo